Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quirky Way in Taking Pictures [Video]

Photography is one of the best way on how to earn for a living. Unfortunately, there a lot of competitions in photography business most specially if your competitors has a better equipments and latest softwares for photo and video editing. It is important to innovate our style to capture clients for a project. An amazing example is this 22 year old Vietnamese photographer Nguyen Dinh An who is making a buzz in his country. The weird part is, it's not his photography that is creating a buzz but his quirky way in taking pictures!

As an added style of Nguyen Dinh An in taking photographs, is his quirky or unusual posture or perspectives, just like the photo below..I believe that it's his NINJA moves style! LOL!

photo credits: PetaPixel 

Check out his behind the scenes photoshoot video below:

The Michael Jackson Moonwalk photography style! 

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