Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quirky Way in Taking Pictures [Video]

Photography is one of the best way on how to earn for a living. Unfortunately, there a lot of competitions in photography business most specially if your competitors has a better equipments and latest softwares for photo and video editing. It is important to innovate our style to capture clients for a project. An amazing example is this 22 year old Vietnamese photographer Nguyen Dinh An who is making a buzz in his country. The weird part is, it's not his photography that is creating a buzz but his quirky way in taking pictures!

As an added style of Nguyen Dinh An in taking photographs, is his quirky or unusual posture or perspectives, just like the photo below..I believe that it's his NINJA moves style! LOL!

photo credits: PetaPixel 

Check out his behind the scenes photoshoot video below:

The Michael Jackson Moonwalk photography style! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hiyas, a Modern Filipino Comfort Food

Last October 17, 2014, I was luckily invited for a foodie meetup courtesy of Zomato. Zomato was created to help people find and connect with great places to eat around them. It's kinda like a social networking website for foodies.

Zomato helps you:

- find the best restaurants nearby

- provide you detailed restaurant info and thousands of scanned menus
- discover restaurants according to your mood
- follow foodies for trusted reviews
- create personal food diary
- share your gastronomic journey with your friends 

The foodie meetup was for Hiyas Modern Filipino Comfort Food owned by best friends since elementary Emir Bernabe and Francis Maneja.

from left to right: Francis Maneja & Emir Bernabe (aka Jericho Rosales)

It's always great to try new dishes and I think that Hiyas will give you not just new but quirky dishes too. Hiyas serves obviously Filipino food  but with a TWIST! It's quite similar to M*** Filipino Moderne but with a better presentation and a delightful taste. 

Let's start with: 

Boneless Adidas - MUST TRY (Php 215)
Eating chicken feet has never been better until now. Deboned Adidas cooked with mushrooms topped on deep fried rice paper.

- if you are not a fan of adidas also known as chicken feet or adobong paa ng manok well try this one, you'll gonna love it, it's tasty like pork sisig.

Pigar Pigar - MUST TRY (Php 185)
Hiyas version of Pangasinan's delicious street food. Sauteed tender beef with caramelized onions and wilted cabbage with krispy chips.

Crispy Bicol Express - MUST TRY (Php 345) 
Bicol's pride! Crunchy pork belly merged with coconut milk and shrimp paste.

- this is amazingly delicious! Crunchy! creamy and not too spicy for my taste buds.

Sinampalukang Lechon Manok - MUST TRY (Php 485)
Half chicken roasted with lemon grass and herbs boiled into tamarind stock. The combination of it's savory soup and tasty and juicy chicken meat makes this dish impeccable!

- It was indeed impeccable!Tender chicken meat. Tasty soup. Balanced sourness.

Busog na Busog na Pusit - MUST TRY (Php 255)
Vigan Longganisa, cheese, onions and tomatoes all stuffed inside a squid's empty belly.

- the combination of what's inside the squid's belly is perfect! and the squid's meat is tender.

Suahe Sisig sa Aligue (Php 295)
Pealed chopped shrimp + Crab fat

Salmon Sisig (Php 255)
Transforming Filipino's traditional comfort food to salmon's delightful taste. Sauteed salmon and potato topped with creamy sauce.

Beef Belly Kare-Kare (Php 485)
Stewed beef belly and ox tripe in rich peanut sauce and coconut milk.

En-Salad-a - MUST TRY (Php 255)
The complex array of flavors makes this salad enticing and irresistible.

- can't get enough of Hiyas En-salad-a. The combination of the eggplant, tomatoes, onions, salted egg and the dressing is totally delicious!

Stuffed Talong (Php 255)
Eggplant stuffed with ground pork

- tasty but a bit itchy inside the mouth.

For desserts:

Chocnut Turon - BEST SELLER (Php 185)
Turon with chocnut, vanilla ice cream and muscuvado caramel dip.

- YES! it is indeed a best seller!

Pritong Sorbetes - MUST TRY (Php 170)
Fried until golden brown ice cream with ube caramel.

Hiyas' interior design is pretty impressive because they maintained the Filipino style with a modern design. It is not that spacious, it has a seating capacity of 33 but perfect for a fine or casual dining with family. 

Meet the foodie bloggers:

The Zomato PH Team (from left to right Karl,  Ms. Dee, Kevin & Ms. Elaine)

My dining experience rating:
Food: 4/5 
Service: 4/5
Value for Money: 3/5
Place (Ambiance): 4/5

D-Strip Building, 20 United Street 
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact #: 09175161153, 09266619853
Facebook Page: Hiyas
Instragram: @hiyas_restaurant

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